Pluto going direct/Aftermath Of Last Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse & SuperMoon Mercury Retrograde

HREF So here we are in September getting ready for another SuperMoon & Lunar Eclipse in Aires.These Eclipse’s are connected to the ones we had earlier in the year in March and April. Think back to what was going on at that time;as always Eclipse’s bring in a” mixed bag” of experiences good and bad unfortunately. This is all happening with Saturn finally back in Sagittarius,giving us our dose of “BootCamp” to make us stronger and to help us to learn.The next Eclipse will be on September 27,around 11 PM EST. time in the USA. This will be 5 hours ahead of this time UK time,at,4 AM there.Pluto will go direct shortly around this time as well.Pluto,like Eclipse’s bring activity out into the open that has been going on behind the scenes ,often in an unpleasant way. This can refer to people or persons with a hidden agenda who can sometimes work behind the scenes.Pluto is connected to the Darker Side of things,good,bad,or indifferent.Uranus is moving against this making things happen suddenly,and abruptly. Makes me think of the saying “;we make plans,but The Universe has another plan waiting for us all.”All of this is happening in a Mercury Retrograde which repeats situations ,and brings people back into our lives that we have not seen in awhile.In Astrology it is never just one thing that gives us information,on the contrary it is a Scynestry or combination of planets and transits and the aspects they make in each persons chart that teaches and brings experiences for growth.The only problem is that sometimes these particular planets can bring sudden activity that we are not prepared for. As I said some of it is good and some not so good,but with the connection to Saturn we know that whatever or whom ever leaves our life under these circumstances is meant to be. Sometimes it can just be a separation to prepare us for a way of life or a big change that will stay with us for many years to come.This combination of planets brings changes for a long time that are of a lasting nature,or are Karmic and meant to be,for the good of all,so go with the flow on these transits as we do better if we embrace and go along with it in this way.Look at all that does not come to you swiftly or easily as a lesson in Karma and know in your heart that it is right for you.A lunar Eclipse can bring a lot of emotional turmoil but it can also bring things up that need to be discussed and cleared. Since this one on September 27 is opposite to the sign Libra and of course the last one was in Libra this one is in Aires and makes a strong connection with Uranus,which makes things happen suddenly. Uranus rules electricity,earthquakes, and sudden activity that can come with a force. We are still in Mercury Retrograde so sometimes that is a repeat of something,whether that be in the world or in our own personal lives.her is always a hint of what that can be,3 days before or 3 days after an Eclipse but the big news will come or the messages will be carried out,much,much later a month later or even a bit later than that but we will know because it is all connected.For some people it may bring great success in one’s career,a reunion or finalization of a big project,perhaps the birth of a child,or marriage. As I said there a piece of the puzzle that comes together at this time but the big stuff comes in about a month from now or even a bit later.Always be prepared for the unexpected and it helps to keep the body grounded and healthy if you eat your fair share of “Root Vegetables”(Turnips,Carrots,Squash) and Brown Rice.Try to avoid overly aggressive people if you can and breathe,meditate. Remember to welcome in all that is positive ;For The Good Of AlLunar_eclipse_April_4_2015_greatest_Alfredo_Garcia_Jr_LAl,So Mote It Be,Blessed Be and Merry Meet Again—-Scruchina, Maria Lee Carta

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