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  • Full Moons & Your Doggie
    This is an Episode that describes activity with the full moon and yourself and the kind of vibrations it brings in . Many times your dog will be more sensitive and psychic and want to communicate what they are feeling . Pay very close attention to to what they are saying .
  • Your Dog & The Horary Chart
    In this episode I am talking about the Horary Chart ( which is the day and time ) of when you first adopted your doggie. Horary Astrology can determine the type of relationship you will have together , and indicate whether you have had past lives together . This episode explores the connection and destiny […]
  • Transiting Jupiter In Yours & Your Dogs Chart
    In this episode ; the importance of Jupiter in your dogs chart , as well as your own can indicate much expansion in your life together . Jupiter indicates travel, movement , laughter , creativity through expansion and thoughts expanding . It is protective and loving in a positive sense and brings education through expansion […]
  • Planets & Transits & The Horary Chart
    This is an episode explaining the connection between you and your dog and your planets combined together ; also referred to as Synastry. The day that you adopted your pet and the connection you bring to one another in this life ; is also explained in this episode. .
  • Understanding The 12 Houses / What Makes Your Dog Tick Or Tock
    Understanding why our dogs act the way they do around people and places . We have to look deeper into their charts to see why they act guarded or get moody . How much are they picking up psychically from us ? Are they developing and refining their own psychic energies ?
  • Saturn & North & South Nodes Of The Moon
    A brief explanation of Saturn and the importance of the nodes in your charts together
  • Intro into Doggie Astrology
    Understanding the placements of your dogs planets and the connection between the both of you and your combined planets together .
  • Intro to Doggie Astrology
    Taking a look at your dogs birthday and yours to understand your connection to one another in your Spiritual Journey and your everyday life .