Planets & Transits & Stuff

This is the edge or turning point of a shift in the planets that includes;Venus,Jupiter Saturn and Uranus. We also have a Solar Eclipse that will combine with Venus moving forward in Virgo and Jupiter in Virgo in September. Suddenly things have changed right in front of us and it all seems so sudden! If you are a Virgo,Taurus or Capricorn you will experience a major change after being “Stuck in the mud for a long time”.Venus is Love and also Friendship;but it is also our physical appearance and things we do to look and feel good(To beautify and love our bodies). Jupiter is Luck and Opportunity and in the sign Virgo it is solid and stable and able to bring some very good Career and Work opportunities as well as more stability to our Love Lives. After a long Venus Retrograde in Leo from July 25-September 6 we will all look good have some fun enjoy some great creativity over the summer and really settle down in September. We will lay down the foundation for a very sound and solid Fall. For some it may indicate a time of a change in residence( A Big One!) or a long distance trip. Jupiter also rules foreign people so for some it may be a strong foreign connection for a long time. It is important to remember that Jupiter takes 12 months or so in each sign;so that this transit of Jupiter will stay in Virgo for at least One Year! The Solar Eclipse that is coming is in Virgo as well and will bring sudden change to whatever area of your chart opposes Virgo-Pisces and of course the connection to Neptune in Pisces as well.This can indicate a very creative time for some when the creative juices will flow and bring great results.Saturn has been retrograding in Sagittarius and will go direct in November a time of big lessons and grounding and a time for reflection and lessons in Karma and what we have learned.a time of big changes;with the connection of Jupiter bringing expansion and Saturn Shrinking you (well bringing you back to earth) so its like you are shrinking and expanding at the same time. We will all have an interesting September and remember “To everything Turn Turn ,there is a season Turn ,Turn ,Turn and each time to every person.” In Love and Light,Much Happiness and Love ,Always, Maria Lee Carta.

Tintagel Castle Cornwall UK

Tintagel Castle in Cornwall UK is the birthplace of King Arthur,and a lovely and mystical experience to say the least! I have only been there once;but do plan to go back again and I will prepare to get in shape for the experience because it is a healthy walking and hiking experience.This Castle is located very high up on the rugged North Cornwall Coast.There is also Merlin’s Cave as you are walking up the stairs and look down,you can see the outline of the outside of this cave clearly.The day that we were there it was early October and it was a day that had four seasons/Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall.I had picked up the vibration of death as usual;but also the feeling of rebirth and Magic (Real Magic;which is a mixture of light and dark whether we choose to admit that or not) and a vibration of frustration as well.Tintagel is a beautiful place and the area on top of that mountain is truly mystical,magical and there is a hint of danger as well.As you climb higher and higher through the mist,you cannot help but look down at the water below;and it is psychically, enhancing,bringing in a mixture of sadness,loneliness,despair,anger,love,passion,pride and longing.It is impossible to write one story about this Castle and the Romantic Vibrations within,so I have decided to make it an ongoing series of stories in four parts.I felt as if a part of me belonged there and it was as if I was looking for something so desperately,I kept looking over the whole area for something that i lost. I feel it was a past life connection and the reason for my intrigue with Castles. There was one lost soul I felt very strongly was a woman and; I am convinced it is the Mother of King Arthur Queen lgema (lgraine);wife of Duke Gorlois of Cornwall.Legend has it that;Uther Pendragon,King of Britain used Magic to seduce Queen lgema.Everyone knows about Merlin the great Magician and of his wondrous skills.As the mist got thicker;it became darker and later in the day and we had to leave. Next time i go I will make sure to leave early and get as much of the day up on the peak of the mountain;as I feel most of the energy up higha227ad01-577e-4764-ad08-f5c9e4df32baIMG_20141030_154029.

Saturn & Jupiter Retrograde

2014-12-30 16.46.47So what is it that we need to go over? This is a very personal question;and also many times it’s a repeat of the past;why? It’s a repeat in the way we deal with a particular person or situation. Recently,there were two;very powerful Eclipses,and even though we get a hint of what it’s about or what the Eclipse can be revealing about three days before and after;we get the whole picture about thirty or sixty days later. This is when we sit with a dear friend and a nice cup of tea and say “Ahaa”! This is when it all makes sense about a certain persons behavior and what may have been clandestine in the past but now revealed. There is a transit of Uranus and Pluto in a square which is also not too pleasant;but anyone looking to “Play Dirty” could really pay some heavy Karmic fees for dirty deeds in this time. If we look at the more positive side of it all;it can be a time where good deeds are appreciated and reciprocated and of course that will come back again at a later time as well.This is a good time for friendly Leos,Sagittarius Virgo (Many of these Leos &

Virgos are just blessed for many months to come) Taurus ;Capricorn some Pisces (depends on the Ascendent and moon in many cases;and of course Cancer. It is really hard to generalize without the exact birthdates and times ,but this is just an overall view at this time.In this time of Saturn and Jupiter Retrograde we are once again learning about patience and endurance and having faith. Believe in yourself and your “Gut” at this time;Blessed Be.

Being Psychic The Things “They” Don’t Talk About

Being psychic;I mean really psychic is almost (On some level like a curse) you know whats going on and it’s not always easy to deal with. This is why meditation and being in a “safe” environment is very important.Its not always easy to be in a safe environment and it’s not always easy to get along with everyone. Lets be honest;some personalities just clash and even when you think you may be speaking clearly there are always going to be people who hear what they want to hear. That is why “Grounding” is very important and wearing and meditating with certain crystals is very important. It is important to Sage away negativity ;but I do often see people overdoing that whole thing and remind them its more about the intent and clearing method.You can also take walks ;working out is great and yoga is excellent;but if you have been ill,(This has not been an easy winter in NYC) taking a walk is a wonderful thing.Music always helps me and the power of the voice and the power of the heart can mesh;and make lovely music together especially, in a guided meditation. Going through the vowel sounds can open you up completely ;just like a good vocal exercise. I have done this many times in the studio and it really warms you up and centers you.Get focused,get strong and gain the Power;not the control. BlessedIMG_20141030_154029 Be

Vortex’s Power Places Across The World

I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in the past years since 2005 and it all started with a big move after living in the same apt.for almost 15 years.I had a trip to France that started me thinking about what was important in my world and not; as I soon found out that being in one place with too many walk-in closets for a girl alone,is nice but not the answer to everything (Just ask Kerri Bradshaw of Sex In The City). So I decided to transend and make my life lighter by giving up things ,many things that were just objects that really were not important in the big scheme of things.I moved to L.A. which was a good experience for the most part;but some really nasty things happened as well.All in all I guess;it was just Karma good,bad ,or indifferent just allot of experiences that were meant to be; to make me aware of choices in life and the the sacrifices you have to make to get what you want.I left my big apartment,all my walk-in closets my lovely view, and my helpful friendly doormen.I moved to a friends place for awhile and was a roommate and then after that moved to a small apartment in another area of Brooklyn (which was a little dicey)for the cheap rent. After many trips to l.A. and visiting my friends Matty and another friend in Las Vegas Hal,I decided that I need to be in Cali. I found there to be very strong areas that had power and a vibration that was very strong. I was not a fan of North Hollywood at first but then when I got out on my bike I found areas that were quite beautiful and peaceful.There is a Native American vibration that is very prominent and I am at home with that but,there is a pastille experience where I feel that i died in the Vally that was not so wonderful and it actually disturbed me and made me quite sad at times. I decided I need to be by the water;so i moved on to Malibu;where I was quite happy but not happy with the man I was living with at that time;but again I made more friends pushed on and better things happened .Malibu,Point Dumme and Boney Ridge are areas that brought me peace as well as areas of Bell Canyon and I could never get enough of the great outdoors.There is a vibration in the air at night;and sometimes you can feel the vibrations of departed souls in the air and the animals are aware of it and let you know in their own way as familiars; who is there and what they are trying to say.Sadly i moved back east to NYC where i lived by the ocean once again and could see the moon shinning bright right over the Atlantic Ocean from my balcony and wrote many songs there;I felt truly inspired.I had never really known just how beautiful the sea was in the Winter time or how gorgeous those waves could be just before a storm (ask any Surfer).I lived in Rockaway Beach and loved it;until Hurricane Sandy came to claim her space and time and then that was the end of that. I took many great photos and was truly inspired there;it served its purpose.I also managed to finish up tracks that I started in L.A. and vice vera NYC back and forth and got some great input from fabulous Musicians and friends and the time passed quickly and I moved on,and on until I got to the place that I am at now.Currently i am awaited a return to the UK where there are also lovely places rich in History and Life! There is also the vibration of Death and departed souls as I wonder through some of the Castles now owned by The National Trust.My favorite Castle at this point is probably Tintagel Castle;birthplace of King Arthur on Cornwall UK.I am also in awe of StoneHenge and of corse The City Of Bath.I will post photos from time to time and write about my experiences there but just like to say that every one of these places is quite unique and full of color and history.For now ;I say goodbye,goodnight. I am very tired of the snow in NYC;and look forward to another place and a change in the weather;Ciao!2014-01-14 14.53.5215 - 2


Another high energy place;a place where the Dartmoor Ponies and Sheep,Chickens and whatever other animal can own the road and rightfully so.There is a lovely fairytale sort of a Mysticism and a Magic in the air;and their are fragrances of Lavender,Jasmine even wild rose at times depending on the season. The first Psychic impression that I had,had was of Hooded passers by in a sort of beige or Khaki color;not dark although there are those vibes as well(You cannot feel and take this area all in without picking up on the negative as well) and the definite feeling that we are not alone here;LOL!I can remember being at Gettysburg;the first time and there was a similar feeling;but not as urgent not as intense.This area is filled with history and of an energy of departed souls but over the stretch of many.many years.Honestly some of the psychic impressions are that of Homicide and Suicide and of course natural death;but there is a Healing Energy as well.The animals here are very in tune;as they are our familiars and let us know when danger is near as do our ancestors; and they keep us safe from wrong doers and natural disaster.

Corfe Castle/ Vibrations from a romantic psychic point of view

This is Dorset’s iconic medieval castle;this a castle of ruins;or what is left of this wondrous and inspirational place.There is over 1000 years of turbulent history here.This is what remains after royalty,war and nature and time has taken its course.There is much to take in and visualize and if you listen ever so carefully you can hear departed voices ;and see visions pass by in the shade of the sun (on a good day) and feel the brushes and chills on your arm and up and down your spine on a sunny or rainy day.978 King Edward the Martyr was murdered by stepmother Elfrida/1086 the battle of Hastings William the Conqueror traded a church in Gillingham for this very land so that he could build Corfe Castle.1106/Henry1 fought a bitter battle with his brother Robert of Normandy;they fought and it is said that Henry locked his brother Robert in the Keep.1138/King Stephen fought it out with his cousin Empress Matilda.1199-1214/KIng John imprisoned his French nece Princess Eleanor of Brittany in Corfe Castle.Eleanor survived bu 22 of her Knights were killed.1220-1294Quiet for awhile not so dramatic as ;Henry111 and Edward the 1 made home improvements and decorated.1572 Queen Elizabeth1 sold Corfe Castle to Sir Christopher Hatton 1635/Sir John Banks(Lord Chief Justice) owned it and his family lived there. They supported King Charles during the civil war;while the opposing Parliament held almost all of Dorcet.1643-1646/Brave Dame Mary Bankes;fought off two sieges;lost because of treachery within its walls.After looting and demolition,and by order of Parliament Lady Banks sons took over the castle and then built mansion at Kingston Lacy. 1982/After three and a half centuries with the Bankes family,the castle was given to The National Trust.