Eclipse’s And What’s Revealed From Under That Rock

Revelations and what crawled out from under the rock! Ugh
Many times ; after Eclipse’s I find the ugly truth is revealed; and many times, there’s a connection to people you don’t currently think about too much. I find especially after a big old Mercury Retrograde, there can be situations with people that have some presence in your life but, the connection to importance does not always seem relevant. We just came out of a Mercury Retrograde and a recent Eclipse May 5th, ( in Scorpio). There was of course a Solar Eclipse April 20 , late in sign Aries ( We have lots of Mars energy going on). I personally feel this Eclipse; with the energy of Pluto and Uranus is revealing allot of ugliness out there. I mean “Butt Ugly”; and oh boy can I think of a few great examples of that! Lol. On a deeper level ;there is a kind of understanding of Karma, and its role in your life and how that plays out is always interesting after an eclipse. Its like that annoying person, who has a need to be a bully , gets his mouth shut up, I mean big time; or actually has to pay for past actions and has to be responsible for a change. I can already see allot of Karmic Repayments and The Wheel Of Karma turning much of the grey matter into pink and purple light and for all of us who have taken the high road and worked hard start to actually move ahead and receive what is fair and just. It is a time of Reckoning, a time for change, a time to rejoice and receive. This is a time of the true Spiritual Souls to lead and be strong and work with a guided force for the end result. For those of us who take the” High Road’ ; it is a time to feel the power and realise that there are many who cannot loose the control, for if they were smart enough to loose that control they will gain the Power.

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Maria will be doing Readings at The New Harp Inn in Hereford England. To book an appointment and to get any, needed details please go to Website; for The New Harp Inn 01432 840900 Maria is a Clairvoyant/Medium/Astrologer/Numerologist. She reads through Psychometry/Photos/Tarot Cards and is also available for interpretation of your Astrological Chart. Maria is a Published Author, Co- Author and Photo Journalist and has over Forty Years experience in the Industry.If you are interested in an appointment with Maria Please inquire within the Website mentioned here;

Honouring Those Who Have Passed & Thanksgiving

Rune'sRecently I had heard of another friend and work colleague ; Timothy Beckley died. Tim was a good friend and a fabulous Writer/Editor/Publisher of many articles and stories on the Paranormal. I worked with Tim as a contributing journalist for InnerLight Publications and UFO Review for 6 years. I learned allot from him and I am grateful, for his insight and expertise in telling a story; and for his friendship. I also lost , in these few years my very good friend, Patricia Thompson , a greta friend and a lovely lady, with a winning sense of humour. Patricia was an incredible Singer , and you may remember her from many, many broadcasts of Midnight Mass from Saint Patricks Cathedral in New York City. This was just one of her many performances throughout the years , in addition to her Musical Theatre Performances throughout the world. It is difficult for me to think of Christmas Eve without her; since she sang and led the Choir so many years , at Sant Patricks and Saint Pauls and I miss her very , very much. This Thanksgiving I give thanks for my wonderful friends and of course my Son and my Husband who are the Light and Inspiration that help me be me and understand the trials and tribulations of being an Artist and know how difficult it can be in the world of “Knowing & Feeling”. As this season turns and gets closer to Yule I give thanks to all who are living and passed who have touched my life, and continue to share their life and experiences with me. I look forward to continue to develop my stories and Videos for many years to come. For me, my Spiritual Work is my Life’s Work and shall never stop , its my Path and Journey . I will continue to spread the word and help to heal and bring messages to all who are interested. Happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Be, MLC,

Rune & Tarot Casting Series

Rune's. Hello to everyone and hoping that you are all taking good care of your health, your physical and mental bodies, and, are all in a nice Spiritual place. I feel that these past years have been so stressful, but at the same time , healing for us all, since it has forced us to look deep inside and see what we really need and what we need to get rid of in our lives. It seems that for many people ,(not all) ,using the psychic part of our abilities , is not something tapped into, unless we feel a threat of some kind, or a real serious change to take place. It need not be a life, or death situation to simply focus on a something that, we need clarity on, and get an answer from a higher source. The art of “Divination” should be something that we do on a regular basis , just like Meditation or Prayer and Exercise for that matter;  are all necessary , for a healthy mind and body. I have decided , that I am going to be doing Rune Casting/Tarot Readings and Vlogging on a regular basis and will start this coming week and hope that I reach many of you who wish to learn more about this topic. I know that for many of you, you are aware of The Tarot, but may not be as aware of Rune’s (The Ancient Viking Divination). Check this website and Youtube Starsfrommaria for any updates and Video’s. Sending love, and good vibes;Blessed Be, MLC.

Appointments/ & Stuff

Just a note to let you all know I am taking appointments and the best way to reach me is through this website. We are all dancing on the high road right now(Hopefully) with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. As we enter more deeply into the sign of Pisces;lets all take a minute to reflect on this present time being a time to be grateful and a time to heal from last year 2020.We are all in a period of healing and grieving, some of us recently from this past month and right in this moment. This year we bring us into a time of healing and better health , and a better understanding of one another.Love is always stronger than hate ,and we are all better off, reaching out to one another instead of fighting one another. This message will become clearer very soon .This is The Chinese Year of the Ox and the Ox promises great fortune and prosperity and robust health. Lets embrace this new year with hope and faith and Love for ourselves and one another. MLCO

  • New Moon Early Scorpio/ Samhain
    Maria Lee Carta, October 28, 2019
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Covid-19 & Transits& Vibes

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, as we push through these difficult months. We all have to try to be as patient as we can be as; we are soon , coming into a much more positive time. There are some Eclipse’s coming very soon; one November30,2020 and followed by another (As always they come in pairs) December 14,2020.These Eclipse’s will reveal allot of information,some of which we may already have a feeling about, and much more information that we do not know about. There’s always this missing link that falls from the sky when dealing with Eclispe’s that brings the completion of a cycle or ending in some way. Its also ironic that the second Eclipse comes so close to the end of the year;December 14. After this we then move into the next few weeks, with Saturn going into Aquarius and Jupiter moving into Aquarius. These transits bring a very sudden change that, even though it is abrupt; in its wake ,it brings an overall feeling of peace and hope for the future. The next three months will ultimately bring us into a time of Hope, Healing and Faith in the Universe. Theres much more I will write about in the future about this,but for now ill just leave this message with my followers who are in need of a hopeful message at this time. Cheers ! MLCO

Relevant Rune Casting For Every Day

Credit to Author of Rune Cards Thomas Vomel Voenix/ US Games Systems/ and below Rune Stones/Ralph Blum/St. Martins Press /And of course much Love to my Norse Magician for a one of a kind gift!

It is not known exactly where Runes or Rune Stones originated from , but they are known as an Ancient Germanic Alphabet. In a way ,relating to what most people might refer to as a type of Psychic Tool in predicting a future event or giving a hint to a mysterious or hidden secret. There is some belief that the Runes may be dated back to 200 BCE, and it is not known whether they were created by One person or Many. In the Norse tradition it was the great god Odin who discovered the Runes. Whatever you choose to believe in the Germanic Origin or  the Neolithic or Bronze Age Origin; the Runes are a great divining tool in predicting or telling of future events. Of course I feel that most people who gravitate to these ancient Runes are themselves quite Psychic on their own but, just in need of a little help in being objective. Keeping a balance for many who tread this path is always something to keep in check as, we as the people telling the story, try  to be as unbiased and neutral in our deliverance of the message coming through us as possible. I tend to be naturally very suspicious of people who go to great lengths to force their opinion on me , and feel that it brings negativity into the message. We are all human anyway and we all make mistakes , which is why I feel that no Reading can always be 100 % correct from anyone. Runes can be made of Stones,Wood ,Crystals or even Bones , it depends on your preference. I myself; have many different sets of Runes and a set that was made for me by a Norse Magician. Oh, and by the way, there are also Rune Cards ( It depends on your preference and what you feel comfortable with). The best and easiest way to do a Rune Casting or Reading is to take the Runes ,and shake them up and pull out 3 Runes . Then place them down on a table in a row. They are labeled in postions as ; #1 GOAL #2 PROBLEM #3 YOU NOW , this is one of the fastest and easiest way to learn to read the Runes. You will gain allot through these readings as there is always the mundane answer to the question, and of course the Spiritual and Karmic answer as well. You can also use them as Taliman’s and of course make your own and place them in or around your home for Protection or Karmic Reminders. Have fun with these as, there is always a message or side to the story, or answer to the question you ask, that will surprise you.  Blessed Be, MLC,

Crushing Clairvoyant’s Corner

A few months back ,I was asking a question as part of my daily ritual of reading my own Tarot Cards and looking at Astrological and Numerological Transit’s,and everyday i came up with this event that was very disruptive. As a Clairvoyant and an Astrologer, I have learned to notice messages in my Readings that have little to do with the question’s asked. Many times they indicate an experience or events that are much bigger than the personal questions that we ask for ourselves; but they predict circumstances that are, outside of our own personal realms of our everyday life, and are many times, Karmic situations that effect the world around us.For about three years now I had picked up psychically on a sort of 911 kind of an event but, with a different twist to it. I wondered at one point; if I was clairvoyantly seeing a Chemical Attack of some kind. I knew that I was feeling something that had a Global Effect on all of us, and I saw a very big focus on New York City. I had mentioned this to some of my close friends and clients, and recently they reminded me of this fact. I know now that, this was all that is going on now with The Coronavirus and that is what I kept feeling. One of the things that I feel very strongly about, and think about allot is that even though the virus had been exposed in some countries as far back as December ,much of the information and communication came through in a Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrogrades many time’s bring so much miscommunication, and there is often a repeat of events that makes things a little bit clearer. Another thing that is happening now is that Saturn is in Aquarius and very soon in December Jupiter will go into Aquarius as well. These Transits urge us all to “Think Outside The Box” and to be patient with the information that comes from our Medical and Scientific communities as there will be a cure, but not until sometime around January or February of 2021. I also feel that through effective “Social Distancing” we will get a grip on this but there are many people who will die becasue they are looking for a shortcut in this Panedemic and it simply does not and will not workout with any shortcuts of any kind. Sometime in June I feel things will clear up,in some Countries,and a willingness to have a more open mind concerning all of what is going on will bring the cure. I do also feel that, in October,there will be another wave of serious illness,becasue we will enter into another Mercury Retrograde ,but we will be in better shape on some level to our way of thinking because; Saturn will be in Aquarius and Jupiter will go into Aquarius in December and this will help to protect us all. I do see allot of turmoil in the Fall (retrograde is October 13-November3) and there will be a tremendous change in the current Administration in America and there will be a rush to expedite this new up and coming Vaccination that everyone will have available to us. I also feel that, through all of this suffering, and loss, that our true spiritual strength in all of us, will prevail. There will be much fear, and anger, and frustration but, this will give way to what I always see as; “Mans Urge To Create Will Defy The Urge To Destroy.” Its all Karma , and the work that we all achieve is a pile up of what we have long overlooked or ignored and its time to deal with it. I am confident that we all can do this and be more helpful to one another, and appreciate each, and everyday as it comes. MLC