Church Of Saint Petrox

There is a “Sound Of Silence” (To quote Simon & Garfunkel) when you walk into this church; which is part of Dartmouth Castle;it’s a feeling that stays with you and there is no doubt that you are on Sacred Land. This church feels like a church whether you are religious or not ,you know that you are in a special place and there’s a “Presence” of Spirit that cannot be denied. I have never been in a place that had no sound at all,I mean quieter than a sound proof” vocal booth” in a recording studio quiet; a deafening kind of quiet really like nowhere else I have ever been so far in my life! I knew that there had to have been people buried there under the church floor;I just knew it immediately and it was a very secure feeling that has stayed with me since I have been there in the last few weeks of being back in England.I have been to many Castles and National Trust and English Heritage Sites but there is a feeling of just being on and around an ancient area with many ,many years of History that you just immediately feel when you visit this area and especially in Saint Petrox Church originally built (It is believed in 1192) and rebuilt in 1641. This church is 825 years old wow! Amonst the people buried here (and there is quite a list)is Mistress Barbara Plumleigh and on the brass there is this inscription;”Here lyeth the wife of John Plumleigh,who Barbara had to Name. Whose virtuous life and Godly Death hath left her lasting Fae,Of Rich and Poore she was beloved to Y one and Neighbour kind, TwoSons and Daughters 4 she bare into her husbands deare,And dyed when age had near run out ye Four and XXXth yeare,Whose corps Have Thou O Death Destroy,yet Christ shall rise again And it conjoin in soul with Blisse forever to remaine. For Death to Life A Passage Is as Scriptures ALL Record,blest are the Dead therefore that Die in favor of YE Lord.”There is a family coat of arms that is stretched across a diamond shaped frame of wood near by and many, many different stained glass windows that are donated and assigned to different families and many soldiers that died in the line of action as well. It is as if there is a silent vibration or inner feeling of being with “One ” in every soul that is buried here at different times throughout history. It is as if each soul is in alignment and touch one another, on some level; it is surreal. The natural beauty of this church urges you to stay , to linger, to meander, but eventually you have to leave to let others have there moment alone there and to take in what is there. So then its onward to Dartmouth Castle; which has always been a Military Fort and a place that has seen battle, after battle, and still remains intact and maintains its natural beauty and beautiful coastline, and of course The River Dart. My next blog will describe more about Dartmouth Castle and The River. Blessed Be,Merry Meet again, MLC

Full Moon Scorpio Tonight May10,2017

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May10,2017 will make a connection with Neptune that may bring secrets out into the open.We are in the time of Taurus so there is still a nice Love energy out there but Mars in Gemini has a mixed message in our communications especially talks with men and aggressive people who are not very grounded.There is also allot of added drama with Saturn being in Sagittarius in its last and latest degree’s and the opposition to Mars in Gemini.If that were not complex enough,there is the added fire energy of Uranus in Aries making a fire trine to Saturn in Sagittarius,making us all somewhat impulsive but at the same time warning us to take responsibility with our words as well as our actions at this time.Saturn has a way of giving us lessons in Karma as well and the trine to North Node in Leo (Which deals with Karma as well) is very strong at this time.There is allot of strong and intense energy that can be harnessed into creativity and help us all to get allot of focused work done,that is the best way to work with this influence.The influence of Pluto in Capricorn,reminds those in power not to take thier actions lightly because there will much much Karma to pay for and the truth will prevail after all.Blessed Be-MLC

Full Moon March 12/ Connection To Solar Eclipse Febuary 26/Future Eclipse 21 2017

The next Full Moon in Virgo will bring out the rest of what needs to be completed in our lives left over from The Solar Eclipse in February . It’s not quite a month yet,and as it gets closer more will be revealed and brought out into the open in detail, to what we need to know after this next full moon on March 12. We; now move into a time where we meet up with old friends and examine old notions and conditions that may need “Tweaking”,as we move into our Venus retrograde on March 9 into April 15.For many creative people this can be a time to go over those old and unfinished songs and stories,poems,sketches,and paintings that need to be finished. Is there an old friend that you need to reach out to? Perhaps you need to reevaluate that relationship,or maybe just revamp your wardrobe. This is not a time to try anything too drastic as many times, this influence passes we find that we really did not like the change,or it could be that it was too extreme and no longer suits us. Saturn is moving along in those later degrees of Sagittarius,and really making us look at our lives as it trines and makes connections to Venus retrograde and Mars in opposition to Jupiter in Libra. There so much going on ,all these planets in Pisces making us all so super sensitive and psychic as well.Neptune making its connection to all these planets and sun conjunction to Pisces makes for all this strong intuition and unconscious and subconscious psychic energy as well. We may not realize how strong our perceptions are under this influence,and how in touch with our feelings we are. On many levels we are in a time right now that will complete and finish what needs to be done,we are getting closer to the finish line on projects that have taken a long time to finalize.The connection to Uranus(which rules electricity and lightning)brings change that comes “out of the blue” and a change that is much needed.The wheel of Karma keeps turning and moving forward and as it does it brings what we need and what will benefit us, more than we know at this time.The final “Wrap up” will come in August when we experience another Eclipse and we will meet the years end, with much more energy than we have had in a long time. Jupiter will leave its tour of Libra in October and go gracefully into Scorpio and before we know it we will be preparing for Saturn to leave Sagittarius and go into Capricorn where,it will stay for the next two and a half years after this and of 2017. This is a time of great change that will happen so quickly,it will be hard to believe its finally all happening,after being on slo mo for so long ! MLC

Kahuna Magic Rituals And The Hawaiian Religion

photo-sep-17-4-58-52-pm-1 At this time I sit here in Brooklyn New York freezing my toes off and dreaming about my days on the Big Island of Hawaii and Muai (although I love ALL the islands) and the work that Tim Beckley and I did researching for our work on the book “Kahuna Power”.This was back in the late eighties and the book was recently expanded and republished by “Global Communications” and has been featured in the famed “Bishop Museum” in Hawaii. This book was written by Timothy Beckley with additional information (in the way of Psychic Premonitions and additional writing and photographs by myself and Timothy Beckley).Brad Steiger;noted speaker and writer has written many books on this subject as well and has attended and been featured at many conferences as well as myself on many paranormal subjects.There is very little known about The Hawaiian Religion here on the mainland in The United States and perhaps that is partially due to the confusion of Myths and Actual Ancient Ritual Practices. There is a Female energy as well as a Male energy and a way of remembering this is to think of The Yin and The Yang.There

is also a higher Energy of Magic and a Lower Energy of Magic and it can be compared to what we refer to in the Spiritual World as,Light and Dark Magic.The word “Kahuna” is “The Keeper Of The Secrets” and a person who is a Teacher of this is a “Kahulia” (although there are other names associated as well;such as ,”Kupua” and “Kahuna-Ana ana”(these are referred to as a type of High Priestess or Priest that perform Magic and are Teachers of Enlightenment.The use of what we now know as Psychology,and Dream Interpretation was first used by The Ancient Hawaiians way before Doctor Freud came along as did many forms of Meditation and Divination very similar to The Norse and Vikings with reading of Stones (Runes) and Shells. There is also a connection to Spirit that is very strong and akin to The American Indian with the respect of All living things and of the Earth and a divine respect for the Ocean. The Kahuna practices always remind us of “Balance” same as The Tarot and to always give back to the earth what we take from it.In this time in our history of our Modern World we must be mindful of and be respectful of Our Earth and its Climate Changes,also to learn from our past mistakes to help us with our journey to the future. In Love & Light,Maria Lee Carta

Samhain / Sowen Holiday Soon

Get ready for one of my favorite Holidays Samhain ,coming very soon. Many people observe this Holiday on October31 ,and of course All Saints Day is the next day.Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season but many combine it with The Day Of The Dead or All Saint’s Day (Which is traditionally celebrated on November1st). I always remember this since my brother Frank’s birthday and my new Father In Law are born on that day. In this time; or through this time, “The Viel ” is very thin . Our ancestors are very near and listening keenly to our wishes,our hopes and dreams,and our deepest worries and woes. We are heard more clearly than usual and our ancestors answer us more clearly.Im not saying that we don’t always have a connection if we meditate or pray, but there is something about this time between middle of October through to November that for me personally is a main connection to communicate with the dead.There is also a strong connection with the communication from the dead to us. They are listening always but they are more verbal and more “Alive” and more Visual than ever before in this time.There are many rituals that can be done to communicate with our dear loved ones and our spirit guides,it all depends on the time you want to spend and your level of concentration.I usually have a nice glass of Wine or Mead and light a candle and bring photos of the people I wish to communicate with,and also a bowl of cold water and a clear crystal quartz for visualization. I carve Pumpkins and put little tea lights in them and I am a child again. The more you are in touch with your childhood innocence the more the ancestors answer you.
There are many rituals this is just a simple practice that I offer to you,I will post more about Samhain as the time gets closer. Blessed Be, Maria Lee Carta (Scruchina)


Planets Numbers Karma

We are coming into a time of change as we start to enjoy,these cooler and more pleasant days ahead in September.Its the “Turning Of The Wheel” getting close to ” Mabon”,and one of the prettiest seasons in New York.In this month of September we of course are now in a Nine Month which “Nine” has the power of all the numbers in the “Numerological Alphabet” and it is a time of completion .It is also a time to reevaluate since we come into a “Mercury Retrograde ” in this month as well. No biggie since we know better than to start anything new but it is a time to finish up and re-evaluate our homework. We also face an interesting Solar Eclipse on September 1 in early degrees of Virgo and a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on the the 16 of September. This Lunar Eclipse will be in the very sensitive,creative and psychic of signs; Pisces (later degrees). In each sign there are 29 actually 30 degrees if you count 0,it measures the time from the beginning of the month until the end of the month as to when exactly you enter each part of the sign. The time of your birth or the Ascendent is the most important part of a persons chart since it measures exactly where the Sun was at that time to record your particular chart. The place or town also, as equally important,this is what we are born with and it is called The Natal Chart. As time goes on and we get older;especially after the age of 8 years old the current transits really become more important to us. These are “Progressed Planets” and Transits and that it what goes on on a daily basis ,through the weeks and months ahead. These are “Transits”. In this month of September we will all do allot of reevaluating and changing our minds about things,but at the end or near the 22 of September we will”Wrap things up” and learn a few lessons. On September 30 we have a bright New Moon in the sign Libra and the Sun will be in Libra as well. Its a great time to try on beautiful New Fall Clothes and look great go out and have a good time. Its a wonderful time for travel,long or short distance and a time to love. Venus energy is very strong and Jupiter will now be in its tour of Libra for One whole year and it is a time of New Beginnings as we go into October. October is a 10 month 1 Numerological One,it is the number of New Beginnings.There will be allot of Love being given and received and the energy is very romantic. This romantic energy becomes stronger and stronger as we near the 23 of October and come into the sign of Scorpio,it then ignites and becomes super sexual! We will all enjoy this time of the year no matter what sign we are and many will be thinking about nesting,coupling and even getting married. As we get closer to Halloween many questions are answered and mysteries are resolved. Enjoy !Lunar_eclipse_April_4_2015_greatest_Alfredo_Garcia_Jr_LAThea227ad01-577e-4764-ad08-f5c9e4df32ba

Fall its a lovely time! In Love & Light,Blessed Be and Merry Meet Again,MLC