New Moon Early Scorpio/ Samhain


Yesterday started our New Moon in the sign Scorpio,it is early in the sign Scorpio and there are many other Planets in Scorpio at this time,complimenting this transit. There is a challenge as always in life with this New Moon as it opposes transiting Uranus in Taurus. Many times this can bring out an unexpected event that is a challenge;and many times this occurs as a “Bolt From The Blue”.Saturn and Pluto being at home,in the sign Capricorn will give us the mature judgement to do the right thing. Many times it is the circumstances that make this set up of planets difficult,as in the case with unexpected events that complicate our lives as we are living our lives ;and that can occur with people and situations that involve, boundaries.We are currently in the “Shadow” of a Mercury Retrograde so it is not always easy in helping a communication problem that is likely to occur at this time,patience is needed for the next three weeks or so and if we can work through our most Spiritual side and apply patience by the end of November we will all be thankful and enlightened. Since we are just days away from Samhain and All Soul’s Day our ancestors will guide us if we ask for their help;since the Viel is very thin and they are listening. I find this period a very good time to consults The Rune Stones since they seem very clear and “on” at this time. Happy New Year,and Blessed Be.