Looking Forward to a new year

Unlike many others this should prove to be a very interesting and changing year in a Karmic(Past Life  & Karmic Lessons) way. This year;2015 is an 8 Number year;starting off with an end to Saturn in Scorpio on Christmas Eve.It is difficult to say for each and every person out, there just how your life will change, but it will be of a lasting nature that somehow links to very strong “PastLife” experiences which you may or may not feel on a conscious level.For people with any Planets that may be in Leo it can be very good as there is a nice conjunction of Jupiter (which rules Saggitarius and co-rules Pisces) in Leo. I Must impress upon you all that the placement of the houses and time of your birth will bring allot more into the picture;as does where your Leo Planets may fall and what Aspect they make to the current Jupiter in Leo pattern. In any case Jupiter will be in Leo until August 11 (My Mothers Birthday).It has been there since late July last year and it stays in each sign for 1 whole year.Saggitarius and some Pisces people may be at odds with this since Jupiter which rules Sagittarius and co-rules Pisces is quite the opposite of Saturn;which is now in Sagittarius. Saturn is in Sagittarius and will stay there for the next 2 1/2 years;for some of you” Sag'”s and people with” Sag” planets you may feel like you are shrinking and expanding at the same time;there is the good that you feel and then there is the bad;but such is life and you cannot have the good without some bad;but many of my “Sag” buddies do not like to hear this.It will also effect some of you Pisces out there and Aires in the same way;again it depends upon whether you have an opposite Libra planet or two and where that falls in your chart.This position of Saturn in Sagittarius can be very difficult with people who have strong planets in Gemini or a Gemini Sun Sign.When i say “Difficult” i mean that it is a lesson that you are learning that makes you go back to school to learn it again;or perhaps some people who are having problems with this new Saturn Transit may have to get more serious about work,or spending or getting more sleep to get up in the morning. It is not a judgement it is a fact;so if you do not get the lesson at first you can try,try, again until you do.Saturn is patient and feels like the understanding teacher or parent that says” ok;go back and study your homework so you can pass the test next time”.Saturn is many times the patient parent who is guiding,the child,or a tough teacher who really wants to see you get ahead. There are no shortcuts as Saturn takes time to work;and “Rome  was not built in a day”. Saturn takes 2 1/2 years to transit in each sign and then goes onto the next;which will be Capricorn (which is naturally ruled by this sign). Jupiter takes one whole year to transit in each sign and after this one in Leo moves onto Virgo.I am looking forward to this one since many of my planets sit in the 10 house in Leo right next to my sun at early degrees of Virgo;so I am looking forward to my few years of good luck;but I know there is always an adjustment and always some Karma I will pay along the way and I am prepared.After having Saturn over my ascendent; in Scorpio for the past 2 1/2 years believe me; I deserve a little “Jupiter” fun! There will be a few more Eclipses that will bring some changes as well;but I will save that for another day. In Love And Light;Blessed Be; Maria Lee Carta ;Stars From Maria