Planets & Transits & Stuff

This is the edge or turning point of a shift in the planets that includes;Venus,Jupiter Saturn and Uranus. We also have a Solar Eclipse that will combine with Venus moving forward in Virgo and Jupiter in Virgo in September. Suddenly things have changed right in front of us and it all seems so sudden! If you are a Virgo,Taurus or Capricorn you will experience a major change after being “Stuck in the mud for a long time”.Venus is Love and also Friendship;but it is also our physical appearance and things we do to look and feel good(To beautify and love our bodies). Jupiter is Luck and Opportunity and in the sign Virgo it is solid and stable and able to bring some very good Career and Work opportunities as well as more stability to our Love Lives. After a long Venus Retrograde in Leo from July 25-September 6 we will all look good have some fun enjoy some great creativity over the summer and really settle down in September. We will lay down the foundation for a very sound and solid Fall. For some it may indicate a time of a change in residence( A Big One!) or a long distance trip. Jupiter also rules foreign people so for some it may be a strong foreign connection for a long time. It is important to remember that Jupiter takes 12 months or so in each sign;so that this transit of Jupiter will stay in Virgo for at least One Year! The Solar Eclipse that is coming is in Virgo as well and will bring sudden change to whatever area of your chart opposes Virgo-Pisces and of course the connection to Neptune in Pisces as well.This can indicate a very creative time for some when the creative juices will flow and bring great results.Saturn has been retrograding in Sagittarius and will go direct in November a time of big lessons and grounding and a time for reflection and lessons in Karma and what we have learned.a time of big changes;with the connection of Jupiter bringing expansion and Saturn Shrinking you (well bringing you back to earth) so its like you are shrinking and expanding at the same time. We will all have an interesting September and remember “To everything Turn Turn ,there is a season Turn ,Turn ,Turn and each time to every person.” In Love and Light,Much Happiness and Love ,Always, Maria Lee Carta.