Planets & Stuff

HREF Here we are in the beginning of August getting ready for big changes. The Sun has moved into Leo and Venus is retrograding from 0 degrees of Virgo back into Leo at 29 degrees at this time.Jupiter will leave Leo and go into Virgo for 13 months ;and Venus will go direct back into Virgo starting on September6.Well what does this all mean? Well,I’ll tell you my (Hopefully Lol) captive audience;allot is changing! The Sun of course moves into each sign about 30 days or so,so we go from Leo, into the sign that follows (My sign ) Virgo. Venus;the planet of Love & Affection is retrograding(moving backwards)which is not a bad thing really,but you tend to get short-changed with this transit. Since Venus also represents,beauty and physical looks this is not a time to have any kind of extreme hair style changes,or Botox or and kind of Teeth Whiting or Plastic Surgery.This is also not time to get engaged or married;wait until after September6.It is always wise to give at least an extra 10 days;so wait until after September or so.There is a Solar Eclipse September20 in the sign Virgo;so many things will come out into the open that you did not know about or were hidden until after that time.Another major planet that is retrograding(or going backwards) is Saturn;a planet strongly associated with Karma and learning lessons .Saturn went retrograde in early Sagittarius;and is now in late Scorpio making a square to some of these leo planets,for a short time and of course the power of Jupiter and its benevolence will protect us from any nasty transits.Once again,decisions made at them with be reevaluated after August 25,26 (My birthday) or so. For those of us born on the “Cusp” it is an especially lucky time and one we all have worked towards for at least 12 years. Enjoy lovely August;it’s a beauty! Love and Light and Blessed Be.