Mars In Scorpio

Mars will be in Scorpio for awhile and while Mars(The Planet of action and passion ) is in Scorpio people will be more direct in getting what they want in an aggressive way. This energy can also be very flirtatious;especially for the men out there. This is also true for women ,but only those who may have strong water signs in there charts or those who may have Virgo planets because this actions “Sextiles” lays with combines with.Many times because there is such a strong connection,to what is sometimes seen as an unconscious motive;these still waters are running deep and Transiting Jupiter in Virgo (which will stay there until September) are making even those of us that may be naturally kind of shy;a bit more forceful in getting what they want.This can also be true in the work or business arena as well;especially if you deal with the arts and sciences. This is a time to be true to ones self and get the point across to whom and whatever. Valentines Day is right around the corner;for those of us who are in committed relationships it is a time to show and reveal your truest emotions and passions. Make no mistake about it this is a Hot February!–MLCCOMeta Slider - HTML Overlay - Zodiac_signs__Signs_of_the_zodiac_on_a_blue_background_047591_

Best Days To Conduct Business

The Basic Business Guide/Through Astrology                                                              Clients always ask when is the best day to ask for a raise? Often times I am asked;”When is the best days  to get money that is owed to me?” Well,the best days for collections of money are days when your personal Sun is well aspected.Try to avoid days when Saturn and Mars are aspected. If it is at all possible try to get this money when The Moon is in a Cardinal Sign,Aires,Libra,Capricorn or Cancer. It is classically more difficult to collect money when the Moon is in one of These Fixed Signs,Taurus or Scorpio. For Employment Or Promotions,Try to pick a day when once again your Sun Sign is favorably aspected or your Moon is in the tenth house or a conjunction to The Midheaven.Any good aspects that you may have in your chart to Venus or Jupiter can also be very helpful. Loans/ With loans ;if the Moon is in the first or second quarter it favors the lender.If the Moon is in the third or fourth quarter it favors the borrower. Once again those good aspects to Venus and Jupiter are favorable to both.The Moon in Sagittarius,Leo,Aquarius and Pisces are also very helpful to increasing your   chances of getting a loan. New Opportunities And Ventures/ The increase of the Moon can bring fruition or at least a good start.If there has been the presence of Anxiety,or impatience it can be broken at a time of a full moon,this will force the agreements. Partnerships/ Agreements should be made on a day when The Sun and Moon are favorable to both parties.Saturn,Mars,Neptune and Pluto,should not be opposite or square the Moon. It is best to make a partnership or an agreement when the Moon is in a Mutable Sign,especially Virgo or Gemini,most other signs may not be as favorable.The signs Leo and Capricorn are an exception,when dealing with money.Start or begin the partnership when the Moon is increasing in light because this is a time that is good for new ventures.—–Maria Lee Carta/Aka MLCCOa227ad01-577e-4764-ad08-f5c9e4df32ba