Samhain / Sowen Holiday Soon

Get ready for one of my favorite Holidays Samhain ,coming very soon. Many people observe this Holiday on October31 ,and of course All Saints Day is the next day.Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season but many combine it with The Day Of The Dead or All Saint’s Day (Which is traditionally celebrated on November1st). I always remember this since my brother Frank’s birthday and my new Father In Law are born on that day. In this time; or through this time, “The Viel ” is very thin . Our ancestors are very near and listening keenly to our wishes,our hopes and dreams,and our deepest worries and woes. We are heard more clearly than usual and our ancestors answer us more clearly.Im not saying that we don’t always have a connection if we meditate or pray, but there is something about this time between middle of October through to November that for me personally is a main connection to communicate with the dead.There is also a strong connection with the communication from the dead to us. They are listening always but they are more verbal and more “Alive” and more Visual than ever before in this time.There are many rituals that can be done to communicate with our dear loved ones and our spirit guides,it all depends on the time you want to spend and your level of concentration.I usually have a nice glass of Wine or Mead and light a candle and bring photos of the people I wish to communicate with,and also a bowl of cold water and a clear crystal quartz for visualization. I carve Pumpkins and put little tea lights in them and I am a child again. The more you are in touch with your childhood innocence the more the ancestors answer you.
There are many rituals this is just a simple practice that I offer to you,I will post more about Samhain as the time gets closer. Blessed Be, Maria Lee Carta (Scruchina)