Kahuna Magic Rituals And The Hawaiian Religion

photo-sep-17-4-58-52-pm-1 At this time I sit here in Brooklyn New York freezing my toes off and dreaming about my days on the Big Island of Hawaii and Muai (although I love ALL the islands) and the work that Tim Beckley and I did researching for our work on the book “Kahuna Power”.This was back in the late eighties and the book was recently expanded and republished by “Global Communications” and has been featured in the famed “Bishop Museum” in Hawaii. This book was written by Timothy Beckley with additional information (in the way of Psychic Premonitions and additional writing and photographs by myself and Timothy Beckley).Brad Steiger;noted speaker and writer has written many books on this subject as well and has attended and been featured at many conferences as well as myself on many paranormal subjects.There is very little known about The Hawaiian Religion here on the mainland in The United States and perhaps that is partially due to the confusion of Myths and Actual Ancient Ritual Practices. There is a Female energy as well as a Male energy and a way of remembering this is to think of The Yin and The Yang.There

is also a higher Energy of Magic and a Lower Energy of Magic and it can be compared to what we refer to in the Spiritual World as,Light and Dark Magic.The word “Kahuna” is “The Keeper Of The Secrets” and a person who is a Teacher of this is a “Kahulia” (although there are other names associated as well;such as ,”Kupua” and “Kahuna-Ana ana”(these are referred to as a type of High Priestess or Priest that perform Magic and are Teachers of Enlightenment.The use of what we now know as Psychology,and Dream Interpretation was first used by The Ancient Hawaiians way before Doctor Freud came along as did many forms of Meditation and Divination very similar to The Norse and Vikings with reading of Stones (Runes) and Shells. There is also a connection to Spirit that is very strong and akin to The American Indian with the respect of All living things and of the Earth and a divine respect for the Ocean. The Kahuna practices always remind us of “Balance” same as The Tarot and to always give back to the earth what we take from it.In this time in our history of our Modern World we must be mindful of and be respectful of Our Earth and its Climate Changes,also to learn from our past mistakes to help us with our journey to the future. In Love & Light,Maria Lee Carta