Full Moon March 12/ Connection To Solar Eclipse Febuary 26/Future Eclipse 21 2017

The next Full Moon in Virgo will bring out the rest of what needs to be completed in our lives left over from The Solar Eclipse in February . It’s not quite a month yet,and as it gets closer more will be revealed and brought out into the open in detail, to what we need to know after this next full moon on March 12. We; now move into a time where we meet up with old friends and examine old notions and conditions that may need “Tweaking”,as we move into our Venus retrograde on March 9 into April 15.For many creative people this can be a time to go over those old and unfinished songs and stories,poems,sketches,and paintings that need to be finished. Is there an old friend that you need to reach out to? Perhaps you need to reevaluate that relationship,or maybe just revamp your wardrobe. This is not a time to try anything too drastic as many times, this influence passes we find that we really did not like the change,or it could be that it was too extreme and no longer suits us. Saturn is moving along in those later degrees of Sagittarius,and really making us look at our lives as it trines and makes connections to Venus retrograde and Mars in opposition to Jupiter in Libra. There so much going on ,all these planets in Pisces making us all so super sensitive and psychic as well.Neptune making its connection to all these planets and sun conjunction to Pisces makes for all this strong intuition and unconscious and subconscious psychic energy as well. We may not realize how strong our perceptions are under this influence,and how in touch with our feelings we are. On many levels we are in a time right now that will complete and finish what needs to be done,we are getting closer to the finish line on projects that have taken a long time to finalize.The connection to Uranus(which rules electricity and lightning)brings change that comes “out of the blue” and a change that is much needed.The wheel of Karma keeps turning and moving forward and as it does it brings what we need and what will benefit us, more than we know at this time.The final “Wrap up” will come in August when we experience another Eclipse and we will meet the years end, with much more energy than we have had in a long time. Jupiter will leave its tour of Libra in October and go gracefully into Scorpio and before we know it we will be preparing for Saturn to leave Sagittarius and go into Capricorn where,it will stay for the next two and a half years after this and of 2017. This is a time of great change that will happen so quickly,it will be hard to believe its finally all happening,after being on slo mo for so long ! MLC