Honouring Those Who Have Passed & Thanksgiving

Rune'sRecently I had heard of another friend and work colleague ; Timothy Beckley died. Tim was a good friend and a fabulous Writer/Editor/Publisher of many articles and stories on the Paranormal. I worked with Tim as a contributing journalist for InnerLight Publications and UFO Review for 6 years. I learned allot from him and I am grateful, for his insight and expertise in telling a story; and for his friendship. I also lost , in these few years my very good friend, Patricia Thompson , a greta friend and a lovely lady, with a winning sense of humour. Patricia was an incredible Singer , and you may remember her from many, many broadcasts of Midnight Mass from Saint Patricks Cathedral in New York City. This was just one of her many performances throughout the years , in addition to her Musical Theatre Performances throughout the world. It is difficult for me to think of Christmas Eve without her; since she sang and led the Choir so many years , at Sant Patricks and Saint Pauls and I miss her very , very much. This Thanksgiving I give thanks for my wonderful friends and of course my Son and my Husband who are the Light and Inspiration that help me be me and understand the trials and tribulations of being an Artist and know how difficult it can be in the world of “Knowing & Feeling”. As this season turns and gets closer to Yule I give thanks to all who are living and passed who have touched my life, and continue to share their life and experiences with me. I look forward to continue to develop my stories and Videos for many years to come. For me, my Spiritual Work is my Life’s Work and shall never stop , its my Path and Journey . I will continue to spread the word and help to heal and bring messages to all who are interested. Happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Be, MLC, Starsfrommaria.com