Another high energy place;a place where the Dartmoor Ponies and Sheep,Chickens and whatever other animal can own the road and rightfully so.There is a lovely fairytale sort of a Mysticism and a Magic in the air;and their are fragrances of Lavender,Jasmine even wild rose at times depending on the season. The first Psychic impression that I had,had was of Hooded passers by in a sort of beige or Khaki color;not dark although there are those vibes as well(You cannot feel and take this area all in without picking up on the negative as well) and the definite feeling that we are not alone here;LOL!I can remember being at Gettysburg;the first time and there was a similar feeling;but not as urgent not as intense.This area is filled with history and of an energy of departed souls but over the stretch of many.many years.Honestly some of the psychic impressions are that of Homicide and Suicide and of course natural death;but there is a Healing Energy as well.The animals here are very in tune;as they are our familiars and let us know when danger is near as do our ancestors; and they keep us safe from wrong doers and natural disaster.

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