Corfe Castle/ Vibrations from a romantic psychic point of view

This is Dorset’s iconic medieval castle;this a castle of ruins;or what is left of this wondrous and inspirational place.There is over 1000 years of turbulent history here.This is what remains after royalty,war and nature and time has taken its course.There is much to take in and visualize and if you listen ever so carefully you can hear departed voices ;and see visions pass by in the shade of the sun (on a good day) and feel the brushes and chills on your arm and up and down your spine on a sunny or rainy day.978 King Edward the Martyr was murdered by stepmother Elfrida/1086 the battle of Hastings William the Conqueror traded a church in Gillingham for this very land so that he could build Corfe Castle.1106/Henry1 fought a bitter battle with his brother Robert of Normandy;they fought and it is said that Henry locked his brother Robert in the Keep.1138/King Stephen fought it out with his cousin Empress Matilda.1199-1214/KIng John imprisoned his French nece Princess Eleanor of Brittany in Corfe Castle.Eleanor survived bu 22 of her Knights were killed.1220-1294Quiet for awhile not so dramatic as ;Henry111 and Edward the 1 made home improvements and decorated.1572 Queen Elizabeth1 sold Corfe Castle to Sir Christopher Hatton 1635/Sir John Banks(Lord Chief Justice) owned it and his family lived there. They supported King Charles during the civil war;while the opposing Parliament held almost all of Dorcet.1643-1646/Brave Dame Mary Bankes;fought off two sieges;lost because of treachery within its walls.After looting and demolition,and by order of Parliament Lady Banks sons took over the castle and then built mansion at Kingston Lacy. 1982/After three and a half centuries with the Bankes family,the castle was given to The National Trust.

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