Tintagel Castle Cornwall UK

Tintagel Castle in Cornwall UK is the birthplace of King Arthur,and a lovely and mystical experience to say the least! I have only been there once;but do plan to go back again and I will prepare to get in shape for the experience because it is a healthy walking and hiking experience.This Castle is located very high up on the rugged North Cornwall Coast.There is also Merlin’s Cave as you are walking up the stairs and look down,you can see the outline of the outside of this cave clearly.The day that we were there it was early October and it was a day that had four seasons/Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall.I had picked up the vibration of death as usual;but also the feeling of rebirth and Magic (Real Magic;which is a mixture of light and dark whether we choose to admit that or not) and a vibration of frustration as well.Tintagel is a beautiful place and the area on top of that mountain is truly mystical,magical and there is a hint of danger as well.As you climb higher and higher through the mist,you cannot help but look down at the water below;and it is psychically, enhancing,bringing in a mixture of sadness,loneliness,despair,anger,love,passion,pride and longing.It is impossible to write one story about this Castle and the Romantic Vibrations within,so I have decided to make it an ongoing series of stories in four parts.I felt as if a part of me belonged there and it was as if I was looking for something so desperately,I kept looking over the whole area for something that i lost. I feel it was a past life connection and the reason for my intrigue with Castles. There was one lost soul I felt very strongly was a woman and; I am convinced it is the Mother of King Arthur Queen lgema (lgraine);wife of Duke Gorlois of Cornwall.Legend has it that;Uther Pendragon,King of Britain used Magic to seduce Queen lgema.Everyone knows about Merlin the great Magician and of his wondrous skills.As the mist got thicker;it became darker and later in the day and we had to leave. Next time i go I will make sure to leave early and get as much of the day up on the peak of the mountain;as I feel most of the energy up higha227ad01-577e-4764-ad08-f5c9e4df32baIMG_20141030_154029.

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