Mars In Scorpio

Mars will be in Scorpio for awhile and while Mars(The Planet of action and passion ) is in Scorpio people will be more direct in getting what they want in an aggressive way. This energy can also be very flirtatious;especially for the men out there. This is also true for women ,but only those who may have strong water signs in there charts or those who may have Virgo planets because this actions “Sextiles” lays with combines with.Many times because there is such a strong connection,to what is sometimes seen as an unconscious motive;these still waters are running deep and Transiting Jupiter in Virgo (which will stay there until September) are making even those of us that may be naturally kind of shy;a bit more forceful in getting what they want.This can also be true in the work or business arena as well;especially if you deal with the arts and sciences. This is a time to be true to ones self and get the point across to whom and whatever. Valentines Day is right around the corner;for those of us who are in committed relationships it is a time to show and reveal your truest emotions and passions. Make no mistake about it this is a Hot February!–MLCCOMeta Slider - HTML Overlay - Zodiac_signs__Signs_of_the_zodiac_on_a_blue_background_047591_

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