The Planets

Hey whats going on? Everybody is going crazy and in some ways inappropriate behavior is running out of control!Mercury is in Retrograde and so is Mars and so is Saturn.There’s allot of miscommunication going on and people should be more mindful of what comes out of their mouths and their behavior at this time. Hopefully we will get through all of this and get it all clear before August and those Eclipses that come in through September. We have had allot of Lunar and Solar activity that is revealing allot of “Hidden Agendas” and communications are in turmoil. One of the positive things about all this is that we can reevaluate ┬áin a retrograde and we can sometimes complete rather complex tasks and work that has to be done.Mercury will go direct on May22 and Mars in june. Lets all celebrate after July and prepare for the eclipses coming our way. —MLCCO

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