Lola’s Boutique May 25,2016/Limited

For a limited time I am at Lola’s Boutique.May25,2016 will be  one of the last times I will be there for a long time. I will be traveling quite a bit,writing,lecturing and recording . I hope to see some of you happily as this will be one of the last events (there are a few other’s those on my mailing list will be aware of). Please inquire on Facebook for details,Blessed Be,MLCCO/ Stars From MariaLunar_eclipse_April_4_2015_greatest_Alfredo_Garcia_Jr_LA15 - 2
  • New Moon Early Scorpio/ Samhain
    Maria Lee Carta, October 28, 2019
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Please call to make appointments for Lola’s at 718-745-4300 for May25 this wednesday Only.

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