Eclipse’s And What’s Revealed From Under That Rock

Revelations and what crawled out from under the rock! Ugh
Many times ; after Eclipse’s I find the ugly truth is revealed; and many times, there’s a connection to people you don’t currently think about too much. I find especially after a big old Mercury Retrograde, there can be situations with people that have some presence in your life but, the connection to importance does not always seem relevant. We just came out of a Mercury Retrograde and a recent Eclipse May 5th, ( in Scorpio). There was of course a Solar Eclipse April 20 , late in sign Aries ( We have lots of Mars energy going on). I personally feel this Eclipse; with the energy of Pluto and Uranus is revealing allot of ugliness out there. I mean “Butt Ugly”; and oh boy can I think of a few great examples of that! Lol. On a deeper level ;there is a kind of understanding of Karma, and its role in your life and how that plays out is always interesting after an eclipse. Its like that annoying person, who has a need to be a bully , gets his mouth shut up, I mean big time; or actually has to pay for past actions and has to be responsible for a change. I can already see allot of Karmic Repayments and The Wheel Of Karma turning much of the grey matter into pink and purple light and for all of us who have taken the high road and worked hard start to actually move ahead and receive what is fair and just. It is a time of Reckoning, a time for change, a time to rejoice and receive. This is a time of the true Spiritual Souls to lead and be strong and work with a guided force for the end result. For those of us who take the” High Road’ ; it is a time to feel the power and realise that there are many who cannot loose the control, for if they were smart enough to loose that control they will gain the Power.

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