Transits/Eclipses/Jupiter Moves Into Libra


 In the next few weeks we will experience many changes as the planets move from Cancer into Leo.Many of my Leo friends will start to perk up and feel happier. This effects us all of course and as we get closer to September we come into” The Season Of Eclipses” (once again)and there will be many surprises and changes that occur suddenly like it or not.The first Eclipse will be in Virgo;making a nice conjunction to the sun &Jupiter still in Virgo.The second Eclipse will be in Pisces;making a connection to its ruler Neptune. There will be allot of psychic energy in the air as well as many secrets coming out into the open that can confirm many of our psychic vibes.Later in September Jupiter will leave Virgo and go into Libra where it will stay for one whole year.Jupiter takes twelve years to move into each sign of the Zodiac and it stays there for one whole year.I am lucky enough to have Jupiter on my Neptune and my Saturn and that is a place in my chart that is so connected to the psychic world and my creative energy so I look forward to it in every way.This transit effects everyone because we all have Libra somewhere in our charts.We should have a beautiful Fall full of lovely flowers because Libra is connected to beauty and Venus makes a nice connection to the Sun at that time of year so it will bring some beautiful skies as well.I will be returning to my new home soon and I ask all of you who follow me to make sure that you have my email and SKYPE number . For those of you who are interested in having a reading and do not know if I have your birth info or not please get in touch. I wish you all a Happy Summer and a Beautiful Fall! Love & Light to all! Merry Meet and Merry Meet again,Blessed Be, MLCO- Scruchina.Stars from Maria

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