Planets Numbers Karma

We are coming into a time of change as we start to enjoy,these cooler and more pleasant days ahead in September.Its the “Turning Of The Wheel” getting close to ” Mabon”,and one of the prettiest seasons in New York.In this month of September we of course are now in a Nine Month which “Nine” has the power of all the numbers in the “Numerological Alphabet” and it is a time of completion .It is also a time to reevaluate since we come into a “Mercury Retrograde ” in this month as well. No biggie since we know better than to start anything new but it is a time to finish up and re-evaluate our homework. We also face an interesting Solar Eclipse on September 1 in early degrees of Virgo and a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on the the 16 of September. This Lunar Eclipse will be in the very sensitive,creative and psychic of signs; Pisces (later degrees). In each sign there are 29 actually 30 degrees if you count 0,it measures the time from the beginning of the month until the end of the month as to when exactly you enter each part of the sign. The time of your birth or the Ascendent is the most important part of a persons chart since it measures exactly where the Sun was at that time to record your particular chart. The place or town also, as equally important,this is what we are born with and it is called The Natal Chart. As time goes on and we get older;especially after the age of 8 years old the current transits really become more important to us. These are “Progressed Planets” and Transits and that it what goes on on a daily basis ,through the weeks and months ahead. These are “Transits”. In this month of September we will all do allot of reevaluating and changing our minds about things,but at the end or near the 22 of September we will”Wrap things up” and learn a few lessons. On September 30 we have a bright New Moon in the sign Libra and the Sun will be in Libra as well. Its a great time to try on beautiful New Fall Clothes and look great go out and have a good time. Its a wonderful time for travel,long or short distance and a time to love. Venus energy is very strong and Jupiter will now be in its tour of Libra for One whole year and it is a time of New Beginnings as we go into October. October is a 10 month 1 Numerological One,it is the number of New Beginnings.There will be allot of Love being given and received and the energy is very romantic. This romantic energy becomes stronger and stronger as we near the 23 of October and come into the sign of Scorpio,it then ignites and becomes super sexual! We will all enjoy this time of the year no matter what sign we are and many will be thinking about nesting,coupling and even getting married. As we get closer to Halloween many questions are answered and mysteries are resolved. Enjoy !Lunar_eclipse_April_4_2015_greatest_Alfredo_Garcia_Jr_LAThea227ad01-577e-4764-ad08-f5c9e4df32ba

Fall its a lovely time! In Love & Light,Blessed Be and Merry Meet Again,MLC

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