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Divination/Reading by Maria Lee Carta / Readings are 45 minutes and 90 Minutes long/ The reading is a combination of Psychic & Clairvoyant information .Many times I can pick up on Spirits that have passed (this is considered mediumship).I ask my clients to bring in a photo (this process is called photo graphology) and I proceed to read from the photo. Many times I can pick up allot just from feeling the photo in my hand before I even look at the photograph (reading from an object or from “feeling" an object is Psychometry).In the case that the client; may be asking about a person that has passed I may ask them to bring in a watch or piece of jewelry or clothing that belonged to that person. I like to tape record the reading and will ask the client to bring in a recording device or they can even use their cell phone if they wish to record their reading. I am also an astrologer/numerologist and incorporate the use of Astrology and Numerology for the timing of events. You can ask as many questions as you like and the readings are 45 minutes and 90 minutes long. Many of my clients report that I am at least 90 percent accurate .

For Groups; usually groups are done out of the office; which means I go to a particular locale (whether that be a hotel or someone’s home; the person that is hosting the group. The readings in this case are private readings usually no more than 12 people in a group and the price is different from a private reading in my office or over the phone. It is done in a private space in the hostesses’ home or hotel that she has selected.

Meditation Groups; it is done a bit differently; again the price varies as it is dependent on the number of people and when I do a Guided Meditation Group; there is a mini reading that is included with each person in that group(it maybe only 20 minutes long at the most).Guided Meditation Groups are bigger in size; and there can be as many as 10-40 or 50 people in a group(it is not private, there are other people around) but it is important in a  mediation group to have other people around as they are supportive and help in raising the energy of the room and there is a feeling of camaraderie that develops and helps each person on their path to psychic development and cleansing. The mediation starts with an opening of each Chakra from 0(the Feet) to the crown Chakra 7; you will walk away an enlightened and developed soul on your journey to a more psychic awareness and perception in your everyday life.

Lectures/Workshops/ my lectures are never less than an hour long and are followed by Q & A and that may take at least another hour. The whole lecture is about 2 hours long followed by a meet and greet and refreshment .It will also include a book signing if requested; books are priced accordingly and are of an extra charge and not included in the lecture.

The workshops are usually run for 6 sessions,over the space of 1 week or 2 months depending on time and schedules. If we are doing a psychic development workshop I like to have at least 2 days in a week booked because there is so much information that is given and received .There are different levels of psychic development there is level 1 (Beginner) and level 2 (Advanced)  There are Astrology and Numerology and Tarot workshops as well; and again, I like to start off with at least 2 days or 2 weeks booked close together to start. The classes are 4 hours long and hold from 10-40 people in each class. Payments can be made in advance through PayPal. If any of my clients wish to tape any session or reading they are encouraged to do so. Light and Love to all; sincerely Maria Lee Carta

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