Vortex’s Power Places Across The World

I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in the past years since 2005 and it all started with a big move after living in the same apt.for almost 15 years.I had a trip to France that started me thinking about what was important in my world and not; as I soon found out that being in one place with too many walk-in closets for a girl alone,is nice but not the answer to everything (Just ask Kerri Bradshaw of Sex In The City). So I decided to transend and make my life lighter by giving up things ,many things that were just objects that really were not important in the big scheme of things.I moved to L.A. which was a good experience for the most part;but some really nasty things happened as well.All in all I guess;it was just Karma good,bad ,or indifferent just allot of experiences that were meant to be; to make me aware of choices in life and the the sacrifices you have to make to get what you want.I left my big apartment,all my walk-in closets my lovely view, and my helpful friendly doormen.I moved to a friends place for awhile and was a roommate and then after that moved to a small apartment in another area of Brooklyn (which was a little dicey)for the cheap rent. After many trips to l.A. and visiting my friends Matty and another friend in Las Vegas Hal,I decided that I need to be in Cali. I found there to be very strong areas that had power and a vibration that was very strong. I was not a fan of North Hollywood at first but then when I got out on my bike I found areas that were quite beautiful and peaceful.There is a Native American vibration that is very prominent and I am at home with that but,there is a pastille experience where I feel that i died in the Vally that was not so wonderful and it actually disturbed me and made me quite sad at times. I decided I need to be by the water;so i moved on to Malibu;where I was quite happy but not happy with the man I was living with at that time;but again I made more friends pushed on and better things happened .Malibu,Point Dumme and Boney Ridge are areas that brought me peace as well as areas of Bell Canyon and I could never get enough of the great outdoors.There is a vibration in the air at night;and sometimes you can feel the vibrations of departed souls in the air and the animals are aware of it and let you know in their own way as familiars; who is there and what they are trying to say.Sadly i moved back east to NYC where i lived by the ocean once again and could see the moon shinning bright right over the Atlantic Ocean from my balcony and wrote many songs there;I felt truly inspired.I had never really known just how beautiful the sea was in the Winter time or how gorgeous those waves could be just before a storm (ask any Surfer).I lived in Rockaway Beach and loved it;until Hurricane Sandy came to claim her space and time and then that was the end of that. I took many great photos and was truly inspired there;it served its purpose.I also managed to finish up tracks that I started in L.A. and vice vera NYC back and forth and got some great input from fabulous Musicians and friends and the time passed quickly and I moved on,and on until I got to the place that I am at now.Currently i am awaited a return to the UK where there are also lovely places rich in History and Life! There is also the vibration of Death and departed souls as I wonder through some of the Castles now owned by The National Trust.My favorite Castle at this point is probably Tintagel Castle;birthplace of King Arthur on Cornwall UK.I am also in awe of StoneHenge and of corse The City Of Bath.I will post photos from time to time and write about my experiences there but just like to say that every one of these places is quite unique and full of color and history.For now ;I say goodbye,goodnight. I am very tired of the snow in NYC;and look forward to another place and a change in the weather;Ciao!2014-01-14 14.53.5215 - 2

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