For starters there has been many things over the past 28 years that you have read for me. I must say you have been accurate on everything you have read, from men I have dated to business. You have predicted issues that may come up or situations I should avoid. I consider myself to be somewhat aware and try to be present in my decisions however over the years I have come to depend and appreciate your insight. I'm so thankful for all the support over the years.

--Victoria Tarpey


Maria is the real deal. She has a true gift. She's gentle, insightful and knows things that would astonish you. I have been to many psychics/mediums and she is the best. I'm fortunate to have met her and will continue to see her.

- Karina


I was a skeptic.

It was Over 30 years ago, I was going to lunch with a friend who wanted to stop at a Psychic Fair. The first thing I thought to myself was, 'Oh yea, right.' I walked into a very large room and there were about 50 psychics sitting near their tables. My friend disappeared and I was walking around the room to check out the scene. I was immediately drawn to Maria's very friendly and honest looking face. When I passed she said, 'Hello.' Little did I know that was a life changing moment. I told Maria I did not believe in psychics and she told me I didn't have to. She asked 'Who is Lillian?' I told her about my daughter, Lillian who at the time was about 9 years old. Maria responded, 'The Lillian I am talking about is a woman, not a child. She is on the other side and has auburn hair and is wearing a green dress.' I was shocked! My mother, Lillian had passed 10 years before and did have auburn hair and loved the color green! I sat down and needed a reading. I wanted to find out how Maria knew of my mother. Some of the things Maria told me were so out of character from me, things I did not believe in and would never, ever think of doing. Guess what? Maria was 100% accurate. She was then, she is now. I think I am Maria's biggest fan. I welcome her into my home and family and everyone loves and trusts Maria. Many blessings to you!

- Brooklyn New York, FRAN

My name is Luana 

I am blessed that Maria Lee crossed my path   , she is very intuitive and very accurate, and best of all she is there when you need her.

I am business owner and full time single mom, Maria came in to my life a true friend and since the first second that I talked to her, she sound to me like an angel walking on earth, when I reached out to her she responded with helpful guidance, she was sweet and took her time, I was very pleased that my life unfold as she predict it.

Thank you dear Maria you are an angel walking on earth and thanks for sharing your gift.

I wish you all the best, God bless standing love & light 

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